Margaret Zox Brown

My art is an integral part of who I am, and conversely as I grow and evolve, this naturally affects my art.

This expansion within myself has brought me to a point where connection is what I seek and what drives me. And since my art is both a part of me as well as the embodiment of where I am, I am very excited to share it with the world. With my current series as well as all that led up to this, I am discovering the soul of my subjects and then expressing their magnificence as I know it really is. 

I am drawn to the beautiful brilliance that exists within every person. And in discovering this, a profound connection is immediately created. Both these things turn my head and compel me to offer this magnificence. 

First I draw, and as I do, I am seeking the core meaning of my familiar subject. In drawing I am unearthing whatever it is that has gotten my attention.

And then with my paintings which I consider to be more than a portrait, I am ultimately expressing whatever I have discovered emotionally about my subject. The face and the hands present a depth of feeling and knowing that draws the viewer in. Then with the paint application, my color fluency, varied lines, deliberate form as well as the empty, untouched spaces or abstracted moments the soul of my subject appears. Angles, lines, shapes, spaces and lots of luscious, rich color and paint allow the viewer to find his or her own meaning in and emotional connection with what I have created with my art. 

Creating art brings me joy which no matter how I might be feeling, inevitably ends up reflecting that joy. I am shaped by my art and through it I am able to express myself and connect with the world wholeheartedly.